Total Care Wealth Management Group is here to help you with all the wealth management you are going to need. We are providing the following core services to our client base because, to us, their Money Matters!

Wealth Management

This is a core branch in the financial services sector that deals with the investment of affluent clients. We will bring to you special advisory services that include the needs of investment management of clients through our Wealth Management expertise.

We will include specialized financial services and financial planning that include
– estate planning
– retail banking services
– legal and tax services
– investment management services.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a basic contract between you and the insurance company you are using for this purpose. In exchange for your payments, this company pays you a lump sum that is also called death benefit to people who are related to you and deserve taking the benefit.

Life insurance can help your family members be in a safe position after your demise. You can give them a healthy and wealthy future even when you are not around by putting your money into getting life insurance.

We will work tirelessly to deal with Life Insurance processes and provide you three services named

– Guaranteed rate of cash return
– A guaranteed cost that doesn’t change and gets locked when you purchase
– Death benefit that lasts for your whole life

For these reasons we are selling the following kinds of insurances
– Individual Life Insurance
– Group Life Insurance
– Long-Term Care Insurance
– Mortgage Protection Insurance
– Disability Insurance
– Second-To-Die Policy
– Key Person (Key Men) Insurance

Retirement Services

Getting a Retirement plan will save you from depending on other people after you retire for money. You will have a steady flow of cash even after you get retired from your job. 


For your retirement services, advisors from Total Care Wealth Management Group will work with the employers to build a plan that meets their needs and guide them to a financially secure path to retirement. As the plan gets established, the plan advisor will work with the employers to maintain and also keep it updated as needed. We will suggest different retirement plans that will help you get something beneficial to you the most. 


We are offering the following plans in our Retirement Services


– 401(k) plans. 

– 403(b) plans.

– 457(b) plans.

– Traditional IRA.

– Roth IRA.

– Spousal IRA.

– Rollover IRA.



These services are being offered at reasonable rates as we want to keep your money matters in check and not out of order. Getting these services will take the money related stress out of your brain and will put it in our TO-DO tasks! We are here to help you save money for your present and future! 


Let’s build an economically strong lifestyle through Total Care Wealth Management Group at service.